Roman Blinds.

As the name suggests, roman blinds were invented by the romans to bar sunlight from entering their homes. They have advanced over the years and are now largely used in both residential and commercial buildings. At Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds, we have a broad collection of roman blinds for you to pick from, inspired by the newest trends in interiors.

The type of roman blind you pick can greatly influence your entire office or room and bring a combination of softness and modernity to your windows. Here are some of the benefits associated with roman shades.

Style, color, and fabric

You will never want to go back to typical curtains again when you try our roman blinds. Whether your home is architecturally modern or classic, we have various types of roman blinds to choose from that will suit your space. Our roman blinds have a more elegant and classy look than most typical window treatments. Notably, they come in different patterns, styles, and colors, making it easy for you to match your décor appropriately.

Black out and reflective backings

You can have roman blinds with black out shades to provide light blockage at night. Actually, this may be ideal for bedrooms where you find it difficult sleeping with a lot of light streaming in. Additionally, you can get roman blinds with reflective backings that can keep you warm during the cold season; and cleverly during the hot season, they can reflect heat away keeping you cool all through.

Privacy with roman blinds

Our roman blinds provide privacy in a manner that typical curtains can’t while still remaining elegant and stylish. You can have them half open or you can draw them to the end of the window – it’s completely up to you on how much light you need into your house or how much of the world you wish to allow into your house. If you reside on a main high street, you will be glad for the extra control over how much privacy and light you allow into your windows.

Simple control mechanism

Our roman shades can be controlled with cords, which come with a lock system making it easy to raise and lower them accordingly. Latest innovations though have brought about motorized versions which can be operated via remote controls.

Need help?

The fresh, modern simplicity of roman blinds has made them very trendy in the today’s interior décor industry since they provide an economical and stylish alternative to curtains. Do not be left behind, if you need these kinds of blinds installed in your office or home, feel free to contact us. We will offer a measuring and a local site consultation service to help you find the perfect blinds for your windows. Do not hesitate, start your very own relation with roman blinds and gift your home or office a roman renaissance today.