If you want a new window shutters that are versatile in terms of functionality, this style, for sale right here at our online store, is easily the best choice. Easy to maintain, secure, and stylish, this styles provides better insulation than most of the typical window coverings. When shopping for this style, you will come across a variety of them. This may be a bit overwhelming for many buyers. At Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds, we have different styles and we are always ready to enlighten our clients on the benefits associated with each.


There are two main types of this style: louvred (slatted) and solid (filled in). In addition, a combination of both is possible; for instance, a solid with a louvred top. Handily, both types can be used either externally or internally and can be used as a dressing for doors, windows, or conservatories. You can also buy a design with fly screens installed, to ensure your property is safe from unwanted visitors in the hotter months. Australia is infamous for its summer bugs, and this method is one of the ultimate ways to keep them out.

The type of plantation shutter you prefer depends on your exact needs as well as the look you are hoping to achieve. Solid designs are better for keeping warm, while louvred styles provide greater control over noise, light, and ventilation since the salts can be closed and opened, as and when required.

On the other hand, there are lots of different styles of shutters that go with different shaped doors, windows, and conservatories. Some of the most popular types of shutters include café styles (which dresses only the lower part), full height, and tier-on-tier (two blinds fitted one above the other, with both functioning independently). Special shapes are also available to be used with nonrectangular windows, including circular, triangular, hexagonal, arched and octagonal formations.

Why invest in our shutters

  • Adjustability – our products can be employed as appropriate no matter the weather conditions.  The interior atmosphere of a room can be controlled.
  • Privacy – our designs easily allow you to choose between visibility and privacy
  • Security – They come with a lock or latch to keep them from flying open.
  • Our designs are magnificently made to portray a sense of luxury, hence can increase your home’s resale value
  • They can come in different finishes and styles hence can match the interior and exterior colour scheme of your house.
  • Our designs are made from quality sturdy material to ensure durability


When you want a little bit of everything, plantation shutters are your perfect all-round solution as they are timeless, traditional and have stood the test of time. Read our blog for more information…

We are experts, we can help

If you are looking for a quote on our awesome product range, or would like to find out more regarding our installation service, simply get in contact with our friendly team. By now you may have a knowhow of the different kinds and a better idea of what type to purchase for your home.

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