Panel Blinds.

Smarten up your windows with our range of panel blinds, the flexible, fashionable way to control light, view, and privacy in commercial and domestic settings.

They provide a brilliant shading solution for patio doors and larger windows which look great in both traditional and contemporary settings.

Key features  

Panel blinds use different types of fabric panels which horizontally slide between themselves to cover your doors and windows. When open, the panels mound neatly behind another, letting in light to enter a building.

On the other hand, closing the blinds reveals a unique fabric screen which provides privacy and light control. While panel blinds are usually viewed as a modern window dressing option, their simplicity and versatility ensure they are equally beautiful in a more traditional setting.

The number of panels needed and their correct dimensions will rely on the space you want to cover. Rest assured that Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds can provide good-looking panel blind solutions for any office or home at extremely affordable prices.

Benefits of using our panel blinds

Our panel blinds have many advantages both in terms of appearance and functionality.

Safe and sturdy – Panel blinds are run by a simple wand control that smoothens the process of opening and closing. The lack of cords and chains ensures they are far less vulnerable to accidents involving children and pets.

Less light, more privacy – Our panel blinds’ slim design greatly minimizes light gap, while augmented panel overlap presents all the privacy you need.

Easy to install and use – When the head rail setup has been mounted above your door or window you just have to clip on the panels and you are good to go!

Minimalist and compact – Since the panels stack smartly when the blinds are in open position, they are a compact alternative for larger doors or windows which work well even in small living spaces.

Easy to clean – To clean panel blinds demands less effort. Using a handy vacuum or duster you will be able to have these blinds looking as great as the day you got them! Compare this to the process of removing and having to wash your heavy curtain fabrics in your backyard – incomparable.

Panel blinds present a range of options

When it comes to dressing a door or window in style, panel blinds are unbeatable.  You can mix and match as per your preference using 2 or even 3 fabric designs to dress a single door or window creating a lively backdrop for your bedroom or living room.

Whether you are shopping for designs to complement your current décor or you are decorating from scratch, we have colors and fabrics to go well with every type of living space, from traditional designs to contemporary tastes. We can also assist you to create the ideal match with existing curtains, rollers, roman, or vertical blinds while remaining consistent with your interior decoration. Please contact us for more information on prices, designs, and placing an order.