Elegance Blinds.

Do you fancy a minimalistic but modern touch to your home?

Here at Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds, we have the perfect type of elegance blinds to make your house look fashionable and stylish. Notably, elegance blinds are made from lightweight sheer fabric, which combines transparent and opaque strips to come up with a double layered blind.

Key features of elegance blinds

  • Blinds are double layered – consists of translucent and block-out fabrics joined horizontally
  • Translucent and sheer fabric combination – allows some light to penetrate into your house while still providing privacy.
  • For complete privacy, line up translucent or block out fabrics
  • For a view through the blind or semi-privacy, line up the sheer fabrics
  • Lower or raise the blind to your preferred level, akin to a roller blind
  • Combines a chic curved fascia with smooth chain control
  • Motorization available

So, specifically, how can our elegance blinds bring the wow factor to your home?

Filter sunlight

Since these blinds are constructed from sheer material, sunlight can still infiltrate through its material. Basically, this material allows you to still enjoy the natural light without being bothered by UV rays or the intense glare of sun rays. With elegance blinds, you are guaranteed of a soft and diffused light which contributes to a peaceful and calm environment in your room.

Protects furniture and upholstery from wearing out

Damage done by strong sun rays is not restricted to only an increase in temperature or heat. Harsh sun rays make your furniture and flooring fade which leads to wearing out of these important pieces of your home. Elegance blinds smartly block the sunlight from penetrating the house, hence protecting your stuff from getting damaged. Definitely, this saves you a lot of money that you spend annually to maintain your floor and furniture.


If you thought elegance blinds are only great for their insulation and aesthetic advantage, you are wrong. Privacy is an additional benefit that you will definitely enjoy. No matter the level of privacy you prefer, you can easily control the blinds. This feature has made them really popular among many households.

Several design options available

When you intend to install elegance blinds, you will be taken aback by the huge number of options available regarding design, material, style, and color. The varieties we have at Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds are not just inclined to aesthetics, but also to match all kinds of budget regardless of whether you fancy a modern style or contemporary one.

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