Channel Blinds.

If you are looking for outdoor blinds for either commercial or residential purposes that are perfect for Australia’s climate, channel blinds are certainly worth your consideration!

Whether it is the rain, scorching sun, or high winds, these patio blinds will give you maximum shield against the kind of weather which can really prevent you from making the most out of your outdoor spaces. Additionally, with a classic design and beautiful fabrics, channel blinds are right on trend – making them an ideal preference for bringing style to your house, possibly even boosting the property value.

The highly durable nature of this blind makes it appropriate for all kinds of properties, commercial or private. They can be used for shielding carports, outdoor entertainment areas or seating areas, or any other space which you wish to protect from the elements. The manner in which it operates does away with the need for awkward pulleys and strings that can take up space and appear unnecessarily – instead, they use a handle which is both simpler and safer. Alternatively, these blinds can be motorized so operation can be as easy as using a remote.

Features of our channel blinds

  • Sturdy blind perfect for harsh weather conditions
  • Our blinds can reach a maximum length of 5.8 meters – that is a BIG blind!
  • The blind is secured into place using a pin lock system and sturdy galvanized steel bottom rails
  • Maximize the use of your outdoor or entertainment area
  • Excellent form of privacy
  • Easy to operate – can even be operated by the frail or elderly
  • Multiple fixing positions for enhanced flexibility
  • Motorized channel blinds can be fitted with optional wind and sun sensors for automatic operation
  • Large selection of plain or striped colors

We are ready to help

You do not need to put up with scorching heat or strong winds anymore; simply have a channel blind installed and keep your family and property protected. We are always glad to offer a no-obligation quote, so give us a call today if you think we have what you need.