Cafe Blinds.

Large, customizable and attractive, café blinds are a brilliant investment – particularly for people dealing with Australia’s weather! Australia’s weather is harsh; therefore, having a good set of café blinds provides a reprieve from the scorching sun and other elements of the Australian atmosphere.

Increasingly common in cafes and restaurants and a perfect solution to wind and rain, our durable café blinds allow you to make the best out of your outdoor area whilst remaining shielded from the elements.

These blinds will save you money and time by not having to buy furniture replacements that were ruined by sun or rain. So you can furnish your pool house, veranda or patio, however you wish since you know your furniture is shielded from harmful elements. Easy to clean and easy use, these blinds are an incredible solution to your outdoor entertaining options.

The privacy benefits of café blinds can never go unnoticed. Whether you are entertaining your guests or sitting outside with your bathing suit, you most likely do not want your neighbors spying on you.  By installing these cafe blinds in your outdoor space, you can enjoy your own backyard without worrying about who is watching!

Basically, those are just a few practical reasons to consider when you think of using café blinds on your patios, deck, or verandah. However, there are many other benefits that are associated with our café blinds.

We are aware that every blind requirement is unique and we guarantee you a versatile and courteous service that is bespoke to your needs.

  • Café blinds that have motorized or easy manual operating systems
  • Perfect outdoor shade solution
  • Flexible – Our café blinds can fit appropriately wherever you would desire to install them. They are very flexible and can even be rolled up when you do not require them
  • Ideal for both commercial and residential use
  • UV protective fabrics
  • Uniquely concealed heavy duty zippers
  • Wide range of trend colors

Need help?

We would be glad to make your home or restaurant sophisticated, attractive and alluring to passersby and neighbors. At Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds, we stock blinds that bring about functional and aesthetic value to your premises. In short, they are a small investment in comparison with the many benefits that come with them. We have product knowledge and strive hard to offer a convenient service of the highest caliber. For quality without compromise, for a versatile and stylish look, contact us for a no obligation, free quote.