Secure your windows with the best plantation shutters in Ringwood

Ringwood is a suburb steeped in history while also boasting plenty of modern amenities which makes it a perfect place to live for people young and old.

It first became its own town in the late 19th century and the train line from Melbourne soon followed, positioning Ringwood as a junction that connected the CBD to other regions in the southeast. It has plenty of natural attractions like Ringwood Lake, McAlpin Reserve and Wombolano Park, historical sites like the clocktower and lots to see and do for people of all ages.

Today there are many modern and historical homes in the region and Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds has window coverings to suit all of them to help improve the appearance of your home and deliver a range of benefits.

What kind of indoor or outdoor blinds do you need?

Here are some of the options available that our professional team can supply and install for you:

How plantation shutters can improve your Ringwood property

Sometimes you need old-fashioned solutions to meet modern challenges. Rising electricity costs can be negated by installing plantation shutters, wooden, glass or metal louvres that originated in the south of the US. They allow you to manage the light and air getting in and out of your home, look fantastic and also help protect your privacy.

Make the most out of your outdoor spaces with cafe blinds and more

Spending time on your outdoor patio, verandah or other space is a great way to relax or enjoy time with friends and family. But it can become unpleasant when it starts raining, the sun is in your eyes, insects roll in or other environmental factors kick in. Outdoor blinds are the perfect solution.

A look of class with plenty of functionality

When you have windows that have a minimal recess, Roman blinds are fantastic as they sit outside of the recess, will still block out all of the sun when you need them too and look fantastic as well.

Vertical blinds are perfect for windows and doors

If you are looking for a perfect all-rounder to cover your windows and sliding doors, vertical blinds meet almost any budget and will control the sun coming into your home. This also helps with your electricity consumption by keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Rollers look great and provide plenty of benefits

Not only are indoor blinds (also known as rollers) a great way to cover your windows and open door spaces, they are also an effective way to modernise your home. They look sleek and neat, come in many colours to suit your decor and can be automated so you can use remote control. And when it comes to functionality they will completely block out the sun and outside influences when you need them to.

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