Narre Warren’s first choice for the best plantation shutters and blinds

Narre Warren is the little town that has grown up in recent years and decades, evolving from being its own small town to a very popular suburb of Melbourne.

It is located in the growth corridor on the southeast side of the CBD and has become a highly attractive place to live for people from all walks of life, including young singles and couples as well as first home buyers. It is also home to Australia’s largest shopping centre Westfield Fountain Gate and much of the hit sitcom Kath & Kim was also filmed in the suburb.

From outdoor to indoor blinds and more

For those who have invested in property at Narre Warren, we are available for all your window covering needs for security, privacy and aesthetics including:

The best plantation shutters on the local market

Originating in the southern states of the United States, these plantation window shutters feature adjustable wooden slats so you can control the light, privacy and breeze that enters your property. These louvres can be made of wood, glass or metal and are an excellent way to keep the outside world out or invite it in at your leisure.

Outdoor blinds to make the most of your Narre Warren home

Entertaining in Australia is meant to be done outside. We love a barbeque and enjoying the beautiful Aussie weather with friends and family and outdoor blinds can help you make the most of it. Not only will they block the sun from being too harsh, but they can also be used to lock out insects and other nasties and also limit strong winds.

Roman blinds offer a great blend of function and style

These are a great option for when you don’t have a lot of space, with fabric slats storing away together in an envelope and then cascading down to block out the sun completely when you want them too.

Vertical blinds are an affordable option for any Narre Warren household

If you are looking to put window coverings over large surfaces like sliding doors, long windows or other spaces these are a perfect option and they look fantastic as well. They are attractive, affordable, easy to use and clean and will add some style to any space.

Indoor blinds give you total privacy when you need it

Also referred to as rollers, these designs allow you the option to drop large sheets of canvas that will completely block out the sun, the environment and give you total privacy when you need it. They give you total control, fit neatly into any recess or doorway and you can automate them as well so you can operate them from the palm of your hand (or in your favourite armchair).

We offer the complete range of window coverings for protection and style and we are available to visit your Narre Warren property. Contact us now for more information.