6 genius outdoor blinds maintenance & cleaning tips

beige outdoor awning in backyard

What better way to enjoy your little slice of the great outdoors than with some outdoor blinds and awnings? Whether it’s to block out the sun or for some added privacy, outdoor blinds can really transform your space.

While they’re already built to last, with some routine cleaning you can extend the lifespan of your outdoor blinds and ensure they withstand the rainy months.

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How to clean your roller blinds quickly and effectively

white indoor roller blinds in living room

Indoor roller blinds are one of the most popular styles of blinds – modern, affordable and incredibly easy to operate.  However, as with any blind, over time they accumulate dust and debris as well as some more unpleasant things like mould and even insects. But, with no nooks or crannies harbouring the nasty stuff, keeping your roller blinds clean is easy! 

Cleaning your indoor blinds takes as little as five minutes every couple of weeks with the odd deep-clean. Here, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of how to clean roller blinds so you’re prepared for every situation.

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What can I put on my windows to keep the heat out?

More than 30% of the unwanted heat that enters our homes comes from the space’s windows. While it’s incredibly uncomfortable to experience the Aussie summer without any mode of cooling, there are ways you can block heat from escaping through your windows, ensuring the efficiency of your air-conditioner or fans isn’t going to waste.

We understand that air-cons generate high energy bills and are sometimes not feasible to use in the long-run. Not to worry – there are numerous cost-effective tips you can utilise to keep this problem at bay, and the comfortable temperature in the place. Read more

Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Summer means fun beach days, icy-cold gelatos, outdoor BBQs and dips in the pool. And with the season still in full swing, there’s plenty of sunny days outside left to enjoy. Unfortunately, with the warmer weather comes some odd days where the heat gets a little too much. To ensure you and your family keep comfortable and safe during these times, we’ve put together some easy ways for you to bring the temperature down, without hefty electricity costs.

A note about air-conditioning

Utilising cooling isn’t just about the bills that come as a result. Having your air-con on full blast during summer also affects the environment. The longer you rely on these appliances, the more greenhouse gases are released. More than ever before, it’s essential to switch to eco-friendly ways to cool down, as much as possible. The planet will thank you for it, and so will your bank account.

Here are some tips and tricks that can help you keep your home cool during the rest of summer. Read more

Enjoying Both Day and Night: Blinds That Give you the Best of Both Worlds

blockout blinds

Privacy is crucial for most of us, especially in our own homes. We don’t want potential intruders peering in to see what valuables we have or for any other prying eyes watching us in the privacy of our own home for any other reason.

In saying this, we don’t want to have to shut ourselves off entirely from the world either, and we want to be able to let sunlight in for natural lighting and heat as well. That is where roller blinds come in to play, giving you the option to have complete privacy, open your home for sunlight and breezes as well. Who doesn’t like getting the best of both worlds?

Roller blinds give you privacy and versatility

They are also available in different fabrics that can allow different sunshine levels, depending on your needs. These designs can also be matched to the decor of your home as well and their sleek lines are very stylish and modern as well.

If you want to keep the light in and retain your privacy, there are roller blind options available that are semi-transparent. This will let you balance out rays the way you want to, filtering light in as you need it.

Blockout blinds are the perfect way to enjoy your own space

If you are looking to shut out the sunlight from outside totally, blockout blinds are your best option as they are made from fabric that completely seals your windows and doorways and keeps out 100 per cent of the sunshine.

This gives you complete privacy, but also provides a range of other benefits as well. These blinds are also beneficial at filtering heat and noise, so they are fantastic for shift workers (or for a good Netflix session in peace).

Then when you want to let in the sunlight, you can simply roll the blockout blinds up, including via remote control with electric options available.

You can have rollers custom-measured and installed at your residential or commercial property anywhere in Melbourne by the expert team at Jim’s Blinds. All of our franchise holders have been thoroughly trained and licenced and insured to expect the best level of service and the highest quality blinds installed at your property.

Jim’s Blinds Melbourne is available in all suburbs to install the best quality blockout and roller blinds to suit any home or commercial property. Give our team a call today on 131 546.

Keeping Pests Out of your Home this Summer

retractable fly screens

Summer is a great time to enjoy the Melbourne weather as the mercury rises and cold, wet winter days make way for the warm and sunny climate. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones that love this time of the year, as many pests come out to play and wreck our recreational activities.

Mosquitoes become more active (particularly early in the morning and in the evening) when the heat and humidity rise. Meanwhile, many other pests – like flies and ants – seek out moisture when it dries up outside. This means they make a direct path for the inside your house.

It is important to prepare for these pest invasions before the season rolls around. Not only are they annoying, but they can also bring disease into your home, and the last thing you want is to be sick during the summertime. Read more

How to keep your vintage look when installing blinds

There’s a reason vintage has hit if big across global trends – be it on the runway or throughout interior design. Its timeless apparel and classical touch mean it is an accessible and stylish way to jazz up any space, and a lot of homeowners are still opting for the Victorian flair for their own homes.

So what kinds of blinds or curtains are available to homeowners who don’t want to ruin this look? Fortunately, there are many options available that will help you control the light in your home, keep unwanted insects out and help control the environment without clashing with your old-world styling.

Keep your retro look with outdoor window awnings

These are a great option because they are located outside of the home and will not intrude on the interior styling of your home. Read more

The Perfect Blinds for Smaller Homes

roller blinds

There are many reasons why people opt for smaller properties. For singles and couples without children, extra room to move isn’t always necessary. Smaller homes are also a great option for older people who are looking to downsize from a property that’s now too big for their lifestyle.

But just because you are living in a smaller home, it doesn’t mean you can’t have big ideas when it comes to the interior design  If you have a smaller property, what kind of blinds are a better fit for the space on offer and aesthetics you’re aiming for? In this post, we’re running through the different options available for your cosy nest.

Tips and tricks for styling awnings and blinds for small houses

Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds has a wide range of wall coverings and treatments to choose from that are fantastic for spaces that aren’t backed by a lot of room to experiment with. Choose from: Read more

This timeless staple could be the answer to your window problems

plantation shutters installations

Sometimes the classic and traditional options remain the best. That is often the case with plantation shutters, which have existed for hundreds of years and remain functional, versatile and stylish options to this very day. Jim’s Flyscreens and Blinds are your plantation shutter specialists and we have put together a guide on why your home needs plantation shutters, whether it is modern or contemporary.

Your home needs plantation shutters – here’s why

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing your window coverings. You can stick with basic curtains, look at roller blinds if the light is an issue or select from a range of blinds, shutters and louvres that can help you control the light and airflow in your home. Read more

The great Aussie household sidekick: roller blinds

roller blind suppliers

As the mercury begins to rise it is only natural that we want to enjoy more of the glorious Australian sunshine that is heading our way. But sometimes that sun can heat up your home to uncomfortable levels, lead to higher energy bills and make it difficult to sleep – especially for shift workers. The perfect solution is roller blinds and the latest innovations make it simple to control the sunlight in your home.

Everything you need to know about roller blinds

While roller blinds may be simple in design, they can include a range of different features and technologies to suit each individual’s needs. Getting to know these features will allow you to come up with the right solution for your home and give you complete control over how much sun, light and breeze is allowed to enter your rooms. Read more